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Congratulations Fiona Joy! Signature Solo Just Won Best Solo Piano Album at the ZMR Awards
Click Here for Details!


On April 21, 2016 Blue Coast Records will host the first in the United States live streaming DSD concert. Acoustic Guitar phenomena, Alex de Grassi and the fans favorite songstress, Jenna Mammina, will be performing a concert from the Skywalker Sound stage. The concert is scheduled to begin at 2pm and end at 3pm PDT.

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PF Brutus Award 2015

Blue Coast Records is honored to be awarded the 2015 Brutus Award for Excellence from Positive-Feedback.


Blue Coast Records announces the release of their first downloads in DSD 256 or Quad DSD. The first 3 songs launched are all mixes from the original recording sessions for the Blue Coast Collection, The E.S.E. Sessions, which will be released in its entirety in early fall in DSD 256. DSD is short for Direct Stream Digital, a one bit recording format. A full length album in DSD 256 can be as large as 8-10 gigabytes.

Rolf Sturm and Jenna Mammina

Blue Coast Records albums topped the charts for June at the newly created Hi End Music Chart Toppers. Jenna Mammina and Rolf Sturms recent Special Event took the Number One spot. High five to the Hi End Five from Blue Coast Records!

NB Performance Schedule

Blue Coast Records is thrilled to announce the appearance of Fiona Joy, Quiles & Cloud and the duo, Jenna Mammina/Rolf Sturm at the Newport Beach Audioshow, May 28 - 31. Various recording demos, artist Q&A, and free giveaways will be offered in the Blue Coast Trading Post in Suite 546 and 547. We hope you join us!.See the full performance schedule by clicking on the link.


Blue Coast Records artist, Fiona Joy, is no stranger to acoustic music. She has topped instrumental music charts and won numerous awards. We're pleased to announce that her song, "Grace" (remixed for the album Winds of Samsara) WON a Grammy in 2015. Congratulations, Fiona! You can hear Fiona's solo piano recording on her Blue Coast Records album, Signature-Solo, available here in Double DSD, DSD, WAV and FLAC.

Valerie Joyce and Marco de Carvalho at CAS 2014

Blue Coast Records is pleased to announce the release of 3 free DSD downloads recorded live to DSD at the California Audio Show on August 15, 16, and 17 2014. Wonderful performances from Valerie Joyce, Marco de Carvalho and Gregory James can he auditioned and downloaded in DSD. The audience had a chance to hear the live performances versus the immediate playback on the Sony SS-AR1 speakers. We especially thank Sony for getting a very large room and sponsoring us for this event. Follow the 'read more' and you'll find the links.

We have a Special Edition UFO DSD DAC in Blue. So portable, it fits in your hand and is USB powered. Works with files from mp3 to Double DSD or DSD128. Also plays FLAC and WAV/AIFF. LEDs under the large volume know light up for the different formats. See the complete list of features and easy setup guide here.... http://bluecoastrecords.com/ufo-dsd-dac

All-Star Jam Blue Coast Records

What happens when you put 6 of your favorite artists in a studio, who have never met before and all they have in common is knowing the producer? Blue Coast All-Star Jam! It's a amazing what you can do in a day with great musicians. A "Must Hear" is Adele's Rolling in the Deep. http://bluecoastrecords.com/store/various-artists/all-star-jam

Valerie Joyce Blue Coast Records

Blue Coast Records was thrilled to have Valerie Joyce back in the studio with Marco De Carvalho, the fabulous Brazilian guitarist. The music was recorded direct to the Sonoma DSD recording system with live performances in the studio and at the California Audio Show in front of a lively crowd of audiophiles. Music lovers can't get enough of Valerie's silky voice. These recordings won't disappoint. Click here to listen to the music samples. http://bluecoastrecords.com/store/valerie-joyce/special-event-25

Tony Furtado Special Event 22

Tony Furtado stopped by our studios for a "live in the studio" recording session. Tony is also a two time national banjo champ and shows off a little solo banjo here also. http://bluecoastrecords.com/store/tony-furtado/special-event-22

Blue Coast Music

We are thrilled to announce the creation of Blue Coast Music, the company that will oversee Blue Coast Records, Downloads NOW!, DSD-Guide and distribute recordings for other DSD labels that include IsoMike, San Francisco Symphony, ACT Music and other labels. Currently Blue Coast Music has thousands of songs in DSD or High Resolution Audio and expects to triple that number in 2014.

Picnic Table at OTR Studios

First live video from OTR Studios featuring Blue Coast Recording Artists. On Friday November 29, 2013, beginning at 3pm till 7pm, we'll be presenting a live recording session (we hope). This is the first time and we thought you'd enjoy following our progress. Where to see the live cast will be coming soon. Check back here for more details. .

Cookie at the board for NPR Sessions

Cookie Marenco, founder of Blue Coast Records, is interviewed for NPR Morning Edition. Join the lively conversation at NPR. Laura Sydell does a terrific job simplifying digital audio and high resolution formats.


A few months ago our sister site, Downloads NOW! released DSD downloads of the Mahler No 1 recorded by the San Francisco Symphony. Although we typically reserve Blue Coast Records for music solely recorded by us, we felt this recording was of the quality we WISHED we had been the ones to record it. :) We are very proud of this recording.

Kiss In A Shadow image

"Kiss In A Shadow" is the latest solo piano release by Art Lande that follows the critically acclaimed "While She Sleeps". "Read More" details to get a 20% rebate for purchase before March 31, 2013.

Dayan Kai image

Most of the time we hear Dayan Kai paired up with Keith Greeninger for Blue Coast Recordings. As Dayan prepares to move to Hawaii, Blue Coast Records brought him back into the studio to record. These first 5 solo songs were so exceptional, we couldn't wait to release them as a Special Event!

New Music

Jenna Mammina
Meghan Andrews
Fiona Joy - Into The Mist - Cover Image
Fiona Joy
Fiona Joy
Hartley Sky by Fiona Joy image
Fiona Joy
Quiles & Cloud - Live at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - Cover Image
Quiles and Cloud
Blue Coast Records - Blue Coast Collection - Cover Image
The E.S.E. Sessions
Various Artists
Anne & Pete Sibley - Blue Coast Special Event 40 - Cover Image
Anne & Pete Sibley
Quiles & Cloud - Blue Coast Special Event 39 Newport - Cover Image
Quiles and Cloud
Paul Hanson - Blue Coast Special Event 38 - Cover Image
Paul Hanson

Top Albums

Blue Coast Records - Blue Coast Collection - Cover Image
The E.S.E. Sessions
Various Artists
Blue Coast Records - Blue Coast Collection 2 - Cover Image
Various Artists
Art Lande - While She Sleeps - Cover Image
Art Lande
Producer's Choice Volume 1 Cover Image
Volume 1
Various Artists
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Valerie Joyce
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Various Artists
Art Lande - Kiss In A Shadow - Cover Image
Art Lande
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Alex de Grassi
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Keith Greeninger
City Folk Image
18 March 2012
City Folk